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Today, the human liver, an approximately 1.5kg chemical factory in our bodies, is an extraordinary yet overworked organ that requires regular rejuvenative treatment due to the various harmful environmental and chemical pollutants that we are in constant contact with during the course of our everyday lives.

Liver congestion results from toxic overload caused by excess alcohol consumption, the over-use of prescription drugs, chronic constipation, environmental toxins and food poisoning, smoking or consuming water permeated with chemicals, excess fat, sugar, caffeine, refined carbohydrates or consumption of hydrogenated oils and or fats.

It has been proven as a matter of fact by various medical professionals and doctors alike that many of the most common diseases experienced by people, in particular cancer, are duly related to the extremely poor condition of the liver. According to recent statistics, cirrhosis of the liver alone is the third largest cause of death in America each year, with hepatitis, liver disorders and liver cancer ranked among the top most common diseases of the population. Ayurvedic therapies can offer comprehensive coverage for virtually every manifestation of liver dysfunction, and can also be used beneficially for the prophylaxis as well as the therapy of liver disorders.

At SRS Ayurveda Clinic, our unique blends of natural alternative formulas can help to stimulate and correct the impaired functions of the liver as well as related manifestations, such as poor appetite, stunted growth and constipation.

Furthermore, they may assist in the removal of toxins that may have accumulated over time and ensure the protection and defensive properties of the liver function appropriately, therefore preventing any disease or damage from occurring.

Our traditional blends can also help to reduce fever and toxins involved in most inflammatory diseases of the skin and the joints, and can be a very helpful post treatment for glandular fever, obesity, arthritis, rheumatism and jaundice.


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