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At the SRS Ayurveda Clinic, Dr. Raj will ascertain the causes and possible solutions to your problems by way of the pulse diagnosis, the traditional Ayurvedic method of locating any disorders within the body.

The heart and its numerous subsidiaries, ultimately known as the cardiovascular system, are crucial to our life. To associates of Ayurveda, the heart is considered to be the seat of human comprehension, and therefore is the most vital organ of the entire body.

On average, up to one in every three American adults suffers from cardiovascular disease, with over half of the population of USA annually succumbing to this sickness. However, research suggests that a large portion of these deaths could have been prevented.

Although many of the risk factors associated with the development of and death by cardiovascular disease are genetically determined and cannot be controlled, a large number of prime hazards are indeed controllable and can be altered for both those who have and have not already been diagnosed with cardiovascular disease. These include the following:


Studies show that smokers are approximately twice as likely to develop heart attacks and up to four times as likely to suffer from cardiac arrest in comparison to people that do not smoke, with peripheral vascular disease being described as a near exclusive "smokers only" condition. However, people that quit smoking have been reported to have eliminated all extra potential risk factors ten years later, with their initial high incidence of heart disease rapidly decreasing over time.

Blood Cholesterol Levels

High blood cholesterol levels pose a hazard for a wide variety of heart-related conditions, including heart attacks, strokes and peripheral artery disease. This is because high levels of certain forms of cholesterol can lead to the development of atherosclerosis, a condition described as the hardening of the arterial walls due to a build-up of the lipoproteins that are responsible for transporting cholesterol.


Diabetes raises blood cholesterol levels and is often associated with obesity, another important risk factor in the development of heart conditions.


Defined as being in excess of over 30% of your ideal body mass, the excess weight supported by the body in obese individuals causes the heart to work harder, which increases chances of developing high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol levels.

Exercise and Physical Activity

Recent studies show that the recovery time of individuals who are only minimally physically active after suffering a heart attack is significantly extended; this places the individual at further risk of contracting other illnesses or experiencing a relapse. Regular exercise at an appropriate level of difficulty is therefore very important in maintaining a heathy heart.


Increased mental and emotional strain over extended periods of time may lead to the development of secondary risk factors such as disordered consumption of food or overeating, high blood pressure and taking up smoking.

Oral Contraceptives

Oral contraceptives can raise blood cholesterol levels and heighten blood pressure. Furthermore, in the case of smokers, they may also contribute to the formation of potentially dangerous thromboses.

Excess Alcohol Consumption

The excess consumption of alcohol can lead to increased blood pressure levels, and is a crucial risk factor that has often been associated with heart failure in many cases.

High Blood Pressure

Higher blood pressure forces the heart to work harder in order to maintain a normal flow of blood throughout the body, which can cause the heart to enlarge and weaken over time. As a primary cause of stroke, heart attacks, kidney failure and congestive heart failure, high blood pressure may be regulated with the help of alternative herbal medications.

The SRS Ayurveda Clinic therapies can help to stimulate your peripheral circulation, emotional wellbeing, mental and physical activity and healthy heart function and to regulate the maintenance of your normal blood pressure, blood lipid and cholesterol levels.

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