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Pulse Diagnosis

Just as conventional medicine in the western world uses x-rays and a variety of scans and medical equipment to analyze a person's state of health, Ayurveda too has its own diagnostic tools.

At the SRS Ayurveda Clinic, Dr. Raj will ascertain the causes and possible solutions to your problems by way of the pulse diagnosis, the traditional Ayurvedic method of locating any disorders within the body.

The pulse diagnosis is regarded as one of the most accurate and powerful tools that could possibly be available to an Ayurvedic doctor. Its accuracy is the key to our success in treating chronic or difficult diseases at SRS Ayurveda Clinic.

Every organ can be located through the pulse and can tell us its medical history, its present condition, and whether it is healthy or beginning to fail.

Scientifically speaking, the blood carries nutrients around the body to its organs, which store essential information regarding their past and present state of health.

This cellular information or intelligence can be explained by the reading of the pulse.


A typical consultation at
our SRS Ayurveda Clinic includes:

The Pulse Diagnosis

Determining the constitution of the patient

Diagnosing the disease (or diseases)

Suggesting specific medicines to treat or to control the disease.

If so required, a specific diet plan will be recommended according to the patient's constitution, current age, weight and their medical history. A variety of factors such as our thoughts, our emotions, our impressions, our experiences, our diet, our lifestyle, the weather and the seasons all contribute to our state of health and are taken into consideration by Dr. Raj when prescribing treatment. In this way, we forge an alliance between the individual's condition and the solution in order to holistically heal the patient.

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