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Noticing how well my mother looked after a few months of taking Dr Raj's tonics, and on hearing the accurate pulse diagnosis he gave her I decided to fly from Wellington to see Dr Raj myself.

I was astounded by the pulse diagnosis – the first thing he said was certainly not something one could guess by looking at a person, or even take a lucky shot at.

Dr Raj had said I would notice effects from the herbs by about two weeks. After only 1-2 days I noticed improvement in something that had been significantly troubling me, and also in my mood (which had been significantly troubling my partner!).

I thought it may just be a placebo effect, or that I just "wanted" to feel better, but after a week I knew I definitely felt better. I was so much less irritated and irrational my work colleagues began to comment on it!

Since being on the herbs I haven't had a migraine, my mood is significantly better, my gastro issues are definitively improved, I sleep better, have less menstrual pain, I also don't get random "pins & needles" I had been experiencing in my feet & hands. It does cost a small fortune however it is worth it to feel healthy.



  • 01 derm tested
  • 02 wessling
  • 03 gmp compliant
  • 04 wts
  • 05 no animal testing
  • 06 nz product
  • 07 heavy metals tested