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"As I said to Raj this morning, I feel privileged to have been on this journey. Initially I was sceptical, but with the uncanny accuracy of this pulse diagnosis, I grew in faith and trust.

I have also grown emotionally, physically and spiritually, and cannot believe how much healthier, more measured and centred I feel.

It has opened doors for me that I never thought possible at my shape of life, and I wish to express my deep gratitude to Raj – thank you!"


M.B James

"Thanks to Raj he has got me back on track after a year of going down hill.

Now I have had the results I wished for and believed I would not be pregnant if I had not come to him for help.

Amazingly we now no longer need IVF to achieve our dream, it happened naturally...

Thank-you Raj."

Joe Barker

"After my first pulse diagnosis I was very impressed Raj new things about my body that no one else would. I took the tonics for a couple of days and started to notice a difference.

I feel fantastic 10 days later and only going to feel better in the weeks to come it's helped me mentally, physically and spiritually.

You can't put a price on that it is worth every penny. Raj's expertise is a god send, he is very talented. I have told a lot of people about Raj and I have now booked in my husband and two daughters that's how good you are Raj, all I can say is thank you!!!"


"I am an Ayurvedic diet + lifestyle practitioner trained mainly in India and with Dr Vasant Lad in the U.S.A.

My career has been in conventional medicine.
Dr Sidhu is an Ayurvedic physician on a completely different level than I have ever run into before.

His accuracy on reading my pulse is almost uncanny and truly impressive. I now realize that I have much to learn and have only scratched the surface of this extraordinary knowledge that has lasted for thousands of years.
I look forward to being healed in the truest sense of the word."


J.B. Christchurch

Since taking the Sleepwell I have had the best nights sleep in over 14 years.
I go to bed at night, sleep and am not up at 2,3,4 with my old mental aerobics.

I just sleep so soundly now and my days are much better because I am not constantly tired.



Dear Raj,

I am so glad I took the plunge to come to see you.

This trip to Christchurch I was greeted by my friend at the door & she said "you look stunning, your skin is so beautiful." All because I have had been coming to you & have been taking your wonderful medicine.

So thank you Raj for being here for me.


K.S. Wellington

Noticing how well my mother looked after a few months of taking Dr Raj's tonics, and on hearing the accurate pulse diagnosis he gave her I decided to fly from Wellington to see Dr Raj myself.

I was astounded by the pulse diagnosis – the first thing he said was certainly not something one could guess by looking at a person, or even take a lucky shot at.

Dr Raj had said I would notice effects from the herbs by about two weeks. After only 1-2 days I noticed improvement in something that had been significantly troubling me, and also in my mood (which had been significantly troubling my partner!).

I thought it may just be a placebo effect, or that I just "wanted" to feel better, but after a week I knew I definitely felt better. I was so much less irritated and irrational my work colleagues began to comment on it!

Since being on the herbs I haven't had a migraine, my mood is significantly better, my gastro issues are definitively improved, I sleep better, have less menstrual pain, I also don't get random "pins & needles" I had been experiencing in my feet & hands. It does cost a small fortune however it is worth it to feel healthy.


B.E. Christchurch

After my first Pulse Diagnosis I was very impressed. Today I have recommended you to several people. I am very pleased that I came to see you. I have a range of symptoms such as fatigue, high blood pressure, problems with leg, heart palpitations, tightness in chest, digestive problems, sore stomach, depression, low energy. I tried another naturopath before seeing Raj. It only helped to a certain extent but didn't seem to have the strength that Raj's medicine has.

In a very short time, I noticed a massive number of improvements.

Kind Regards


Rachel Waters

I had a list of things to tell Raj. He tripled it, I did not mention anything to him.

He told me. He went back 12 & 15 years into my past medical conditions with incredible accuracy.


Raj is the only doctor who has properly understood my chronic fatigue problem and been able to treat it.


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  • 02 wessling
  • 03 gmp compliant
  • 04 wts
  • 05 no animal testing
  • 06 nz product
  • 07 heavy metals tested