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All SRS Ayurveda Clinic and SRS Hair Loss Treatment products are manufactured in New Zealand at a very high standard of hygiene and are extremely safe and effective.

Our strict standards of manufacture ensure we maintain the consistently high quality of our products in addition to fairly sustaining the agricultural industry and the economy from which our herbs are sourced and harvested.

"Leaders in Quality Natural Medicine"

As a result, we have the ability to offer the highest quality of medicinal and cosmetic products to our valued consumers each and every time.

Because of this commitment, we can confidently call ourselves "Leaders in Quality Natural Medicine". All of our tonics, be they medicinal or cosmetic, have always delivered this promise with outstanding results to each and every one of our patients and clients.


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  • 01 derm tested
  • 02 wessling
  • 03 gmp compliant
  • 04 wts
  • 05 no animal testing
  • 06 nz product
  • 07 heavy metals tested