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A History of Excellence

The founder of the SRS Hair Loss Treatment and SRS Ayurveda Clinics, Dr. Rupinder Singh Sidhu is a third generation health practitioner of a family which upholds a reputation of innovation and excellence in the field of health and medicine. Having grown up with the philosophy of Ayurveda from a young age, he is an accredited Ayurvedic/naturopathic practitioner with more than 20 years of experience in Ayurvedic medicine.

His work in his own Ayurveda clinic in Europe and at various mainstream medical practices brought him across patients who, suffering from moderate to extensive cases of chronic and degenerative diseases, could be treated no further by mainstream medicine and so were seeking help with alternative medicine.

This offered him the challenge of combining the condensed knowledge and experience of several generations of his family with that of one of the world's oldest medical systems, Ayurveda, to alleviate a range of chronic and further debilitating diseases. It was during this time that he began to customize different herbal tonics for individual patients according to their unique conditions, which would later develop into one of his specialties in treating chronic and difficult cases.

Harvesting Process

Traditional harvesting and processing techniques ensure the natural standardization of potency, with each batch of products initially examined for identification purposes.

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Our Knowledge

Every SRS Ayurveda Clinic product today contains the benefits of two decades' worth of meticulous research, experience and success. Our high standards of quality and purity allow for the body to replenish itself and to soothe, calm and holistically nurture your entire being. 

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Quality and Sustainability

All SRS Ayurveda Clinic and SRS Hair Loss Treatment products are manufactured in New Zealand at a very high standard of hygiene and are extremely safe and effective.

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Ayurveda Alongside Mainstream Medicine

During his time serving at mainstream medical practices, he also contributed to the alleviation of many suffering patients with his specially-designed Ayurvedic and naturopathic herbal products.

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