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The SRS Ayurveda Clinic Ayurvedic remedies contain only the freshest herbs and plant extracts, many of which grow in the wild of the Himalayas and are rare and precious. Dr. Raj Sidhu airfreights these herbs and plant extracts from India and personally manufactures each Ayurvedic medicine according to your individual needs.

Instead of harsh irritating synthetic ingredients, we use only 100% natural essential oils and the highest quality of organic and wild plant extracts.
Note that a plant originating from its homeland is infinitely more likely to possess maximum healing powers, sometimes with over 180 various healing substances, than one grown elsewhere containing only between 30 and 40 healing substances.


  • 01 derm tested
  • 02 wessling
  • 03 gmp compliant
  • 04 wts
  • 05 no animal testing
  • 06 nz product
  • 07 heavy metals tested