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WHY SRS Products are More Effective

SRS Clinics offers you a potent selection of 100% natural medicines that take you beyond where conventional medicine can. Every SRS Clinics product today contains the benefits of three generations’ worth of meticulous research, experience and success and the knowledge of the world’s most ancient system of preventive healthcare. By following the traditional philosophy of Ayurveda, SRS Clinics perceives illness and treats it not as a mere range of solitary symptoms, but as the effect of a cause.

Our high standards of quality and purity allow for the body to replenish itself and to soothe, calm and holistically nurture your entire being. To achieve this, ancient formulas have been refined to suit contemporary requirements, with the secrets that surround these natural remedies remaining closely guarded. All SRS products are composed of the highest quality of plant and herb extracts available to allow for the body to effectively activate the healing process from the inside out, with visibly outstanding results.

The majority of our herbs and plants are hand-picked; great care for both the herbs and the environment is taken, with plants allowed to develop and grow without the use of pesticides or chemicals. Traditional harvesting and processing techniques ensure natural standardization of potency, and laboratory screening tests for heavy metals and pesticides are conducted to further confirm that all our products are of an extremely safe nature.

All SRS Clinics products are manufactured in New Zealand at a very high standard of hygiene. Our strict standards of manufacture ensure we maintain a consistently high level of quality for all our products and help to fairly sustain the agricultural industry and the economy from which our products are sourced and harvested.


Unleashing the Power of Nature

A plant originating from its native land is infinitely more likely to retain its full capacity of healing powers. Native plants may contain over 160 various healing substances, whereas grown elsewhere they may contain only between 30 to 40 healing substances.

Here at SRS, we use only the freshest herbs and plant extracts for our prized remedies, many of which grow in the wilds of the Himalayas and are therefore extremely rare and precious. The high quality of our ingredients is clearly reflected by our unbeatable results – and our satisfied patients!

Leaders in Quality Natural Medicine

SRS Clinics offers the highest quality of medicinal and cosmetic products to our valued customers each and every time.

Because of this commitment, we are widely known to be the leaders in quality natural medicine. All of our tonics, be they medicinal or cosmetic, have always delivered this promise with outstanding results to our patients and clients.

We support you at every step on your journey to achieve a better quality of life. If you want effective,100% natural products that deliver excellent results every time, then look no further. Talk to the leaders in quality natural medicine today!

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Note: SRS Ayurveda Clinic and NZ Perfect Health and Beauty are subsidiaries of SRS Clinics.


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  • 02 wessling
  • 03 gmp compliant
  • 04 wts
  • 05 no animal testing
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  • 07 heavy metals tested