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Through our subsidiary SRS Hair Loss Treatment, we have treated not only receding hairlines, general thinning and damage due to chemical burns, but also more severe and extensive cases of hair loss such as complete baldness, alopecia areata (patchy hair loss), hereditary hair loss and even chemotherapy-induced hair loss.

We also have an outstanding rate of treating over 85% of all patients suffering from a variety of degenerative hair and scalp conditions.

The causes of such hair loss are numerous and often as complex as our lifestyle, diet, grooming habits, any underlying medical conditions and even our daily stress levels.

The biggest cause of hair loss in both genders, however, is predominantly a sensitivity of the hair follicles to the androgenic hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This is a type of waste product of our metabolism that binds onto the hair follicle, cuts off its blood and nutrient supply and therefore causes it to shrink so that it ceases to grow and falls out as a result.

Other conditions that may contribute to hair loss are scalp problems such as itchiness, redness, dandruff or excess oiliness or dryness. Healthy hair can only grow on a healthy base, so a clear scalp is of utmost importance for the development of new hair.

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In order to stop hair loss and allow for the re-growth of new hair, SRS Hair Loss Treatment offers the Healthy Hair Tonic, a revolutionary hair-enhancing formula that cleans, clears and unblocks hair follicles to promote the growth of healthy new hair. Its potent formula is a natural DHT inhibitor made up of powerful Himalayan herbs that exhibit no side effects.

Dermatologically tested in Europe, the Healthy Hair Tonic has been scientifically proven to stop hair loss in men, women and children, and has successfully treated thousands of clients worldwide.

There are currently multitudes of different hair-gain methods on the market, these being most commonly chemical medications that exhibit various side effects, costly surgical procedures or even cleverly concealed wigs. We believe that the Healthy Hair Tonic is the fastest, safest and most harmonious way to grow real natural hair over your whole scalp.



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If you are looking for the most effective solution for your hair loss, your first port of call would be to have a hair analysis consultation at SRS Hair Loss Treatment. The microscopic hair analysis is non-invasive and low cost.

We take a deeper look into a section of your scalp and a hair sample to assess any abnormal formations. These can provide insights into factors such as hereditary conditions, overuse of cosmetic products, suspect environmental exposures, wrong grooming habits and even excessive stresses that may be involved in causing your hair loss.

People are often amazed and even enlightened at the depth of knowledge they receive at one of our consultations.



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