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The first and most significant difference between the ancient Ayurvedic medical system and modern medicine is that Ayurveda is a complete health care system.

The second difference is that Ayurvedic medicines are without any of the side effects typically experienced with conventional medicines.

The third main difference is that we work on the cause instead of the symptoms. You might ask - how is this done? Take, as an example, someone who has arthritis that is expressing symptoms of swelling and pain.

We must first find out how this condition is being created - that is, what is the cause? What is triggering the pain our patient is feeling? What has caused the swelling? There are many blocks in such a situation - one block is pushing another, which is in turn is pushing another, and still another is pushing it all. In this particular case we have to work through all the blocks to remove the first block, then the second, the third and, finally, the original block that was causing the symptoms of the disease, and then finally we can recreate the original balance.

Another distinctive feature of SRS Ayurveda Clinic is that our customized medicines work simultaneously on the mind, the body and the emotions. They work on all of these levels together, not just the physical. We acknowledge that every individual is unique - people are not all the same. The mind works differently in everyone. This also sets Ayurveda apart from conventional medicine, which doesn't take people's individual differences into account.


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