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It's $95 for the first consultation with pulse diagnosis and $75 for each further visit with pulse diagnosis.

How Long does a Consultation take?

This depends on individual needs: usually, a minimum of 30 minutes is required for the first consultation.

How much is a Hair Diagnosis Consultation and what can
you Find Out through Hair Diagnosis?

The cost for the hair diagnosis is $50. Hair diagnosis can reveal the true condition of your hair, as well as the general state of your health. For example, stress may be a key cause of your hair problems.

The hair-diagnosis technician will offer advice on how to deal with particular hair problems and inform the patient on how to appropriately care for their hair. In some cases a pulse diagnosis will be recommended so that the individual can receive a fully detailed medical history and be prescribed a herbal medicine to improve not only their hair, but their general health. For more information please visit our webpage:
SRS Hair Loss Treatment.


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