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Ayurveda encompasses a philosophy, a lifestyle and a healing system. Operating as the primary tenet of Ayurveda is the philosophy of the Tri-Doshas. According to ayurvedic teaching, all life is made up of five elements contained in three primary doshas, or energies: Pitta (fire), Kapha (earth and water), and Vata (air and space). This law is known as "The Pancha Mahabuthas".

The three bio-energies can be understood to have the following main roles:

Vata (Air & Space) works as the communicative driving power. It is responsible for all sensory and movement related activities.

Pitta (Fire & Water) accounts for the effective force of digestion and all bio-chemical activities of the living body.

Kapha (Earth & Water) is responsible for all constructive activities within the living body.

Ayurveda separates all people into three main constitutional groups: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. As the human body carries out a range of physical and psychological functions ranging from basic cell structure to complex mental operations, every individual contains all of the three Doshas. One of these, however, will be more dominant in contrast to the other two, therefore resulting in a constitutional category.

The doshas are constantly changing and interacting, and if they become out of balance with one another then specific symptoms occur. If no action is taken to restore the balance of the doshas, then the symptoms advance to develop into characteristic stages of illness. For these reasons, Ayurveda is concerned as much with prevention and with helping people maintain their new-found health as it is with treating disease.

Ayurveda therefore operates according to three basic principles:

To Prevent and Cure Disease

To Preserve Health

To Promote Health


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